China at 74: A Beacon of Hope for Global Cooperation


by Nalin Aponso (President, Sri Lanka China Journalists Forum )

On the occasion of the 74th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) on October 1, 1949, we take a moment to reflect upon the extraordinary journey this nation has embarked upon, and the pivotal role that interpersonal relationships have played in shaping its progress. The modern history of China is a testament to unwavering determination, visionary leadership, and a steadfast commitment to eradicating poverty while fostering prosperity, both within its borders and far beyond.

China’s ascent to a global powerhouse has been shepherded by a series of visionary leaders, with President Xi Jinping assuming the mantle in 2012. Under his stewardship, China has achieved remarkable milestones, with the elimination of extreme poverty standing out as a particularly remarkable achievement. This monumental feat underscores the Chinese government’s resolute dedication to enhancing the living conditions of its citizens, ensuring that no one is left behind.

The magnitude of this accomplishment cannot be overstated. In a nation with a population exceeding 1.4 billion, the eradication of extreme poverty demanded meticulous planning, precisely targeted policies, and an unflinching commitment to the principles of social justice. China’s success in this endeavor exemplifies the efficacy of its governance model and its ability to respond effectively to the needs of its populace.

China’s commitment to improving lives extends well beyond its own borders. President Xi Jinping’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) serves as a testament to China’s dedication to cultivating robust interpersonal relationships with nations across the globe. Through BRI, China has invested significantly in infrastructure development, trade connectivity, and cultural exchange, particularly along the envisioned routes. This initiative holds the potential to transform the economic prospects of participating nations and heralds an era of shared prosperity. It underscores the notion that progress should not be the preserve of a single nation but a collective endeavor that benefits all.

In Sri Lanka, we have borne witness to the palpable impact of the BRI. Projects such as the Colombo Port City and the Hambantota Port have not only bolstered our infrastructure but have also generated employment opportunities for our citizens. These initiatives stand as a testament to the enduring friendship between our two nations and our shared belief in prosperity through collaborative efforts.

Understanding the intricacies of Chinese politics and actively engaging with China are indispensable steps toward fostering a more equitable and harmonious global order that values shared ideals. China’s role on the world stage has expanded significantly in recent decades, and its influence in shaping the international system is undeniable. It is incumbent upon us to emphasize a few imperative points.

In today’s interconnected world, no nation can exist in isolation. Understanding Chinese politics is paramount because China plays a pivotal role in international affairs, influencing global economics, security, and diplomacy. Engaging with China signifies active participation in the global discourse and cooperative action on global challenges.

The cultivation of mutual understanding and trust is essential for peaceful coexistence and cooperation among nations. By comprehending the intricacies of China’s political system, its historical context, and its objectives, other nations can foster more meaningful dialogues and establish stronger relationships with China rooted in trust and mutual respect.

Despite differences in political systems and cultural values, there exist shared ideals such as peace, stability, economic prosperity, and respect for human rights. Engaging with China on these common values can contribute to the creation of a more equitable world order where cooperation prevails over conflict.

Many of the world’s most pressing challenges, including climate change, pandemics, and terrorism, necessitate international cooperation. China’s active involvement is indispensable in effectively addressing these issues. A profound understanding of Chinese politics facilitates more effective collaboration in finding global solutions.

China stands as a global economic giant, and its economic policies have far-reaching implications for the world economy. Engaging with China on trade and economic matters is essential for achieving fairness, transparency, and sustainability in the global economic framework.

Understanding China’s political motivations and objectives can play a pivotal role in preventing or resolving conflicts. Diplomacy and dialogue serve as key tools in managing disputes and ensuring global peace in an increasingly complex world.

China’s active participation in international organizations and forums, such as the United Nations and the World Trade Organization, underscores the importance of engaging with China to fortify multilateralism. These institutions are crucial in upholding global norms and rules.

It is imperative to underscore that understanding Chinese politics and actively engaging with China are not mere options but essential prerequisites for forging a more equitable world order. By fostering deeper comprehension, nurturing mutual trust, and advancing shared values, nations can collaborate to create a global milieu where cooperation, equity, and respect for diverse perspectives culminate in a more harmonious world for all. Engaging with China is a critical stride toward realizing this noble aspiration for a shared, equitable world order.

As President of the Sri Lanka China Journalists Forum, I am heartened by the burgeoning interpersonal relations between our nations. Educational and cultural exchanges, media collaboration, and the growing number of Chinese tourists visiting Sri Lanka all contribute to cultivating greater understanding and friendship.

On this auspicious occasion of China’s National Day, let us celebrate the remarkable journey of the People’s Republic of China and the pivotal role of interpersonal relationships in shaping its destiny. Let us also recognize the Chinese government’s unwavering commitment to eradicating poverty domestically and its resolute dedication to enhancing the livelihoods of nations worldwide through the Belt and Road Initiative. As we look to the future, may our two nations continue to labor together in the spirit of cooperation, friendship, and shared prosperity! Happy 74th Anniversary, People’s Republic of China!!

Sri Lanka China Journalists Forum
Sri Lanka China Journalists Forum
Sri Lanka China Journalists' Forum was established in May 2001 as the Sri Lanka - China Young Journalists' Forum and was in force as a main association that promotes mutual understanding between Sri Lanka and China.


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