People-to-people communication to foster deeper trust


PARIS — A forum on the development of people-to-people and cultural exchanges between China and France was held on Saturday, in a bid to boost cooperation and mutual learning.

The participants agreed that strengthening cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and France will help broaden consensus and deepen mutual trust with fresh vitality in the new era.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France, and is also the China-France Year of Culture and Tourism.

In his opening speech, President of Xinhua News Agency Fu Hua said the forum, held on the eve of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s state visit to France, is of great significance in boosting cooperation between the media, think tanks and enterprises from the two countries, and in facilitating cultural exchange and mutual learning.

Fu said that Xinhua has been dedicated to telling stories about the friendship between the two countries and promoting the Chinese and French cultures.

“We are willing to work with Chinese and French media outlets, think tanks and other organizations to uphold the principle of equality, mutual learning, dialogue and inclusiveness among civilizations, and promote the common values of all humanity,” he said.

Xinhua is ready to jointly showcase the fruits of China-France cooperation, demonstrate the charms of the two countries’ traditional cultures and the unique highlights of their modern civilizations, and broaden the bridge of people-to-people exchange and cultural cooperation, Fu noted.

Xinhua also stands ready to seize such opportunities as the China-France Year of Culture and Tourism and the Paris Olympic Games to try to hold more cultural exchange activities to push bilateral relations to a new high.

China’s Ambassador to France Lu Shaye said people-to-people and cultural exchanges are an important foundation and inexhaustible driving force for China-France relations.

The two countries are set to launch dozens of cultural and tourism events this year, bringing important opportunities for people-to-people and cultural exchanges, the ambassador said.

Lu also expressed his belief that under the strategic guidance of President Xi and President Macron, bilateral ties are bound to show vigor and vitality in the future, and the booming cultural exchanges and cooperation will also lay a more solid public opinion foundation for the sound and stable development of bilateral ties.

“Culture constitutes the strongest cement between our civilizations,” Eric Alauzet, president of the France-China Friendship Group of the French National Assembly, said at the forum.

The common history of the two countries after the establishment of diplomatic ties has nourished fruitful cultural and people-to-people exchanges, which have in turn driven cooperation and development in other areas, he said.

Bilateral cooperation has achieved many outcomes in economy and trade, and in joint efforts against climate change, Alauzet added, noting that the two countries have held various cultural exchange activities this year, which will further push forward bilateral relations.

Saturday’s forum was co-sponsored by Xinhua News Agency, the Chinese Embassy in France, and Publicis Groupe, a French multinational advertising and public relations company.

Themed “Reinforcing People-to-people and Cultural Exchanges, Promoting the China-France Spirit”, the forum drew around 250 representatives from the Chinese and French governments, the United Nations and other international organizations, mainstream global media outlets, think tanks as well as people from cultural and business circles of the two countries.

Prior to the opening of the forum, Xinhua News Agency signed a memorandum of understanding with Publicis Groupe. 

Sri Lanka China Journalists Forum
Sri Lanka China Journalists Forum
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