Western media chanting ‘China collapse’ won’t hinder nation’s growth amid emerging economic rebound signs

Some Western media outlets have been churning out a flurry of vociferous columns bad-mouthing and smearing the Chinese economy, with increasingly gloomy and scary headlines. However, the dire prediction about the Chinese economy is only imagination and propaganda of some Western politicians and media outlets to distract their domestic audiences from domestic issues while discouraging […]

Safe, healthy cyberspace key for young people

Young people in China have shown greater respect for the code of conduct in cyberspace as internet companies and platforms have made more efforts to effectively regulate online behavior, according to a report on internet civilization development. The “China Internet Civilization Development Report 2023”, which was issued on Tuesday, said a comprehensive administrative system for […]

Xi stresses building Beautiful China, advancing modernization featuring human-nature harmony

Chinese President Xi Jinping has stressed efforts to promote the building of a Beautiful China in all respects and accelerate the advancement of modernization featuring harmony between human and nature. Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, made the remarks at a national […]

New cyber weapon targets China, Russia

On Wednesday, China’s National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center and a leading cybersecurity company disclosed a new vulnerability attack weapon platform deployed by the US National Security Agency (NSA), which experts believe is the main equipment of the NSA’s computer network hacking operation team, and it targets the world with a focus on China and […]

China will adhere to dynamic zero-COVID policy: health authorities

(Xinhua) — China will adhere to its dynamic zero-COVID policy and strategies to tackle both imported and domestic infections, a Chinese health official said at a press conference on Tuesday. China’s policy and containment measures have proved effective against the Omicron variant, said Mi Feng, a spokesperson for the National Health Commission (NHC). The implementation […]