China issues report on U.S. human rights violations

A report (full text attached) on human rights violations in the United States in 2020, released on 24th March, urged Washington to drop hypocrisy and double standards on human rights.Last year saw the COVID-19 epidemic in America go out of control, accompanied by political disorder, inter-ethnic conflicts, and social division, according to the report, issued by China’s State Council Information Office.The report said Washington’s incompetent pandemic containment led to tragic outcomes as more than 500,000 Americans lost their lives.Money-tainted politics is turning U.S. elections into a “one-man show” of the wealthy class and people’s confidence in the American democratic system hit a 20-year low, it said.The report said ethnic minority groups suffered systematic racial discrimination in the United States where “one in four young Asian Americans has been the target of racial bullying.”It cited the death of African American George Floyd, who died after being brutally kneeled on his neck by a white police officer. The U.S. government suppressed ensuing protests by force, arresting more than 10,000 people.The report also drew attention to the growing polarization between the rich and the poor that aggravated social inequality in America.”The U.S. government, instead of introspecting on its own terrible human rights record, kept making irresponsible remarks on the human rights situation in other countries, exposing its double standards and hypocrisy on human rights,” the report said.Noting the U.S. trampling on international rules resulted in humanitarian disasters, the report urged the U.S. side to “drop hypocrisy, bullying, ‘Big Stick’ and double standards” and work with the international community to build a community with a shared future for humanity.

American democracy disorder triggers political chaos

American democracy disorder triggered political chaos in the United States, the report also stressed, adding that the influence of money in electoral politics essentially made it a money-led election.

Public trust in U.S. elections was in crisis, said the report. According to Gallup’s figures released in October 2020, only 19 percent of Americans say they are “very confident” about the accuracy of the presidential election, the lowest Gallup has recorded in its trend dating back to 2004.

Political polarization grew, said the report, noting that disagreement between Democrats and Republicans has gradually changed from policy differences to identity battles with increasingly obvious political tribalism.

Power checks and balances have mutated into veto politics, said the report, adding that the bipartisan divides intensified the veto practices inherent in the American system.

The post-election riots highlighted the American democracy crisis and the political chaos in Washington D.C. shocked the world, said the report.

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