Chinese Cultural Performance Makes a Triumphant Return to Sri Lanka after 3-Year Hiatus


Sri Lanka witnessed an awe-inspiring spectacle as the Chinese cultural performance made a triumphant return to the country after a three-year hiatus caused by the global pandemic. On Friday evening (26 May), a grand joint performance took place at the prestigious Nelum Pokuna, a national landmark gifted by China, featuring renowned performing troupes from Yunnan, China, and the Ministry of Cultural Affairs of Sri Lanka.

The resumption of this cultural exchange marks a significant milestone in the deepening cultural ties between China and Sri Lanka. The event served as a testament to the resilience of both nations in overcoming the challenges posed by the pandemic and showcased the vibrant and diverse cultural heritage of both countries.

Audience members were treated to a mesmerizing display of traditional Chinese music, dance, and theatrical performances, which transported them on a captivating journey through the rich tapestry of Chinese culture. The Yunnan performing troupe, known for its exceptional artistry and precision, presented a stunning array of traditional dances and instrumental music that left the audience in awe.

Collaborating with their Sri Lankan counterparts from the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, the Chinese performers also showcased Sri Lanka’s own cultural treasures. This fusion of artistic expressions from both countries provided a unique and enriching experience for everyone in attendance.

The event was attended by high-ranking officials, diplomats, cultural enthusiasts, and members of the general public, who filled the Nelum Pokuna with excitement and appreciation for the return of these cultural performances. The resounding applause and standing ovations throughout the evening demonstrated the profound impact of cultural exchanges in fostering understanding and friendship between nations.

The joint performance not only celebrated the revival of cultural events but also served as a testament to the enduring friendship between China and Sri Lanka. It emphasized the importance of cultural diplomacy in strengthening bilateral relations and promoting people-to-people exchanges.

As Sri Lanka and China embark on a journey of post-pandemic recovery, this grand performance signifies a promising new chapter of collaboration and cultural exchange between the two nations. It is a testament to the unwavering commitment of both countries in promoting cultural diversity and fostering lasting bonds of friendship.

The resumption of Chinese cultural performances in Sri Lanka marks an exciting milestone, igniting hope for future collaborations and reinforcing the belief that the power of culture transcends borders, uniting people in celebration of shared heritage and creativity.

Sri Lanka China Journalists Forum
Sri Lanka China Journalists Forum
Sri Lanka China Journalists' Forum was established in May 2001 as the Sri Lanka - China Young Journalists' Forum and was in force as a main association that promotes mutual understanding between Sri Lanka and China.


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