Chinese Ambassador Meets Sri Lankan Prime Minister to Enhance Bilateral Cooperation


Chinese Ambassador Qi Zhenhong and Sri Lankan Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena engaged in a productive meeting on Monday morning, aimed at reinforcing the bonds of friendship and cooperation between China and Sri Lanka. The discussion focused on bolstering high-level visits, fostering economic cooperation, promoting people-to-people exchanges, and exploring China’s continued assistance to enhance the livelihoods of the Sri Lankan people.

During the meeting, Ambassador Qi Zhenhong and Prime Minister Gunawardena emphasized the importance of maintaining frequent high-level visits between the two nations. They recognized that such visits play a crucial role in deepening mutual understanding, enhancing diplomatic ties, and fostering cooperation across various sectors. Both sides expressed their commitment to facilitating more visits between officials and leaders from China and Sri Lanka.

Economic cooperation emerged as a significant topic of discussion during the meeting. Ambassador Qi Zhenhong and Prime Minister Gunawardena acknowledged the potential for further enhancing trade and investment between the two countries. They expressed their desire to explore new avenues of cooperation, including joint ventures, infrastructure development, and the expansion of bilateral trade.

People-to-people exchanges were another focal point of the discussion. The Chinese Ambassador and the Sri Lankan Prime Minister recognized the importance of promoting cultural, educational, and tourism exchanges. They discussed the possibility of launching initiatives that would facilitate greater interaction between the people of both nations, fostering mutual understanding and strengthening cultural ties.

China’s continued assistance to enhance Sri Lanka’s livelihood was also highlighted during the meeting. Ambassador Qi Zhenhong reaffirmed China’s commitment to supporting Sri Lanka in various sectors, such as infrastructure development, agriculture, healthcare, and poverty alleviation. Prime Minister Gunawardena expressed his gratitude for China’s assistance and welcomed further collaboration in areas that would benefit the Sri Lankan people.

Ambassador Qi Zhenhong and Prime Minister Gunawardena concluded the meeting on a positive note, expressing their optimism for the future of China-Sri Lanka relations. They reiterated their commitment to deepening cooperation and friendship between the two countries, and to working together to achieve common development goals.

The meeting between Ambassador Qi Zhenhong and Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena reflects the strong and enduring ties between China and Sri Lanka. It signifies a shared commitment to strengthen bilateral relations, promote economic growth, and improve the well-being of the people of both nations. The outcome of this meeting is expected to pave the way for enhanced cooperation and mutual benefits in the years to come.

Sri Lanka China Journalists Forum
Sri Lanka China Journalists Forum
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